The objectives of the WATRA Working Groups are as follows:

Infrastructure Development Working Group:
  • Identify and address challenges related to developing and deploying telecommunications infrastructure in West Africa.
  • Promote the adoption of policies and regulations that encourage investment in and expansion of telecommunications infrastructure within the sub-region.
  • Foster collaboration among WATRA members to facilitate sharing of best practices and knowledge in infrastructure development.
  • Identify and promote strategies to enhance telecommunications infrastructure development in West Africa.
  • Facilitate collaboration among WATRA members to address infrastructure challenges, including network coverage, broadband connectivity, and capacity building.
  • Develop recommendations for the harmonization of infrastructure policies and regulations across member countries.
  • Support the implementation of innovative technologies and initiatives to improve infrastructure deployment and utilization in West Africa.


Consumer Access and Experience Working Group:
  • Enhance consumer access to affordable and reliable telecommunications services in West Africa.
  • Improve the overall quality of consumer experience regarding service availability, affordability, and customer support in the sub-region.
  • Develop guidelines and recommendations to protect consumer rights and promote fair competition among service providers.
  • Focus on enhancing consumer access to affordable, reliable, and quality telecommunications services in West Africa.
  • Identify and address consumer-related issues, including affordability, service quality, availability, and digital inclusion.
  • Develop guidelines and best practices to ensure consumer protection, fair competition, and effective complaint resolution mechanisms.
  • Collaborate with industry stakeholders to improve the overall consumer experience in the telecommunications sector.


Cybersecurity Working Group:
  • Address cybersecurity challenges and threats in the telecommunications sector, including data protection, privacy, and network security.
  • Develop strategies and guidelines to strengthen the cybersecurity capabilities of WATRA members.
  • Foster cooperation and information sharing among member countries to enhance cybersecurity resilience in the sub-region.
  • Address cybersecurity challenges in the West African telecommunications sector and promote a secure digital environment.
  • Collaborate with relevant stakeholders to develop cybersecurity and data protection policies, regulations, and best practices.
  • Facilitate information sharing on emerging cyber threats and vulnerabilities, and coordinate response and mitigation efforts.
  • Support capacity-building initiatives to enhance cybersecurity capabilities among WATRA members.