The digital economy has become one of the biggest drivers of economic growth and sources of revenue in West Africa. It has enormous potential to contribute even more in boosting productivity and growth. This potential is better fulfilled by making services more affordable to more and more people in the region.

Taxes & Import Duties

Cost of telecommunications products and services is reduced and services expanded when taxes on the industry is moderate. WATRA is working with national authorities to ensure that taxes on telecommunications companies are fair and efficient. We are working with national authorities to have a universal consensus on the evidence that countries benefit more in economic growth, jobs and taxes by keep taxes low.

Infrastructure Sharing

Infrastructure sharing avoids needless investment in essential infrastructure and thus helps to lower operators’ costs and ultimately the tariffs that users pay. Regulations mandating or encouraging infrastructure sharing and that have clear guidelines play an important role in making services more affordable. WATRA is undertaking capacity-building initiatives to enhance the capacity of national regulatory authorities to learn from and adopt the best infrastructure-sharing rules from the region and from around the world.

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