The Conference of Regulators is the highest decision-making organ and the principal governing authority of WATRA. It is made up of all members of WATRA.

The conference of regulators defines the general policy framework for WATRA objectives and stipulates broad guidelines for implementation of WATRA policies and the pursuit of WATRA objectives.

It approves WATRA’s budget and also receives the auditor’s report on the fiscal affairs of WATRA. The conference of regulators, elects the Executive Committee, appoints the Executive Secretary, establishes Committees, sets guidelines for employment of administrative staff for the Secretariat and also prescribes the terms and conditions.

The Conference of Regulators defines its programme & agenda and the modalities for the conduct of its affairs, including the frequency of its meetings, the procedure for convening its meeting and the procedure for the conduct of business at its meetings.

The Conference of Regulators establishes one or more Committees as it may deem necessary, to deal with particular aspects of WATRA objectives or the conduct of WATRA’s business.

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