WATRA Membership Eligibility

No. In addition to Member States, WATRA offers Membership solely to corporate entities from the ICT industry, international/regional organizations, associations and academia active within the field of ICTs.

Yes, a corporation can have memberships through its subsidiaries or branches. However, a subsidiary of a multinational corporation with executive headquarters based in a developed country will be charged a full fee.

Application Process

  • To assess the overall benefits and costs of WATRA Membership for your company/organization, we recommend that you start by consulting the wide range of marketing materials available on the JOIN WATRA Section of this website.
  • To determine the type of Membership that best suits the needs or your organization, please contact the Membership Team (membership@watra.org),
  • Then fill in and submit the online Application Form. We will then review your application and contact you if needed. Email/scan a signed copy to membership@watra.org.
  • Applications from companies, organizations and Academia must be approved by the relevant national telecommunication administration in the Member State where your organization is located. If you are not already in contact with your national telecommunication administration, we recommend that you inform them directly about your intention to join the WATRA. A full list is available here.