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WATRA provides the unique platform for its sector members to be able to reach out to regulators and have meaningful discussion about technical standards, frequency coordination, national regulations.

Tatiana Lawrence, Vice President, International Regulatory

Considering WATRA’s unique role and impressive track record in telecommunications around the world, it provides the ideal forum for governments and the private sector to come together to develop programs and policy frameworks that will have a major impact on the future of global business.

Eng.Muneer Oubaid, Chief Executive Officer
Syrian Telecom

At WATRA, decision-makers and world-wide experts are ‘Committed to connecting the world’.

Dr. Haim Mazar,
RF Spectrum and Licensing ATDI

WATRA provides a platform for exchange of information and experience between the main players in telecommunications, enables participation in workshops and online-courses, education and establishing professional contacts with other members and delegates.

Elma Kadrispahić,
Specialist for Cooperation with International Organizations BH Telecom


We have the technical do-hows and know-hows, and WATRA helps us to turn them into policies and standards. I think it is particularly important for academia to realize that research and innovation do not just come as papers. We do propagate forward some output, but we also need to make sure this is beneficial to human cause in general.

Dr. Fazly Salleh Bin Abas, Associate Professor
 Multimedia University, Malaysia

Academia principally concerns the production of new knowledge. Working with academia gives civil society, governments and industry the opportunity to use peer review process and scientific methods, to objectively understand the impact of any intervention on society, and to be able to build knowledge for the future. 

Professor G. Anthony Giannoumis
Metropolitan University, Norway

Students are in need of a job after graduation. Jobs are supposed to be initiated from industry. In this respect, WATRA can be regarded as a bridge which maps future industrial necessities onto appropriate directions for academicians, researchers, teachers and students to invest time and effort for their graduate projects, research projects and internships. Cooperation with WATRA can therefore be beneficial for societies’ related scientific and research institutes.

Dr. Khansari Mohammad
ICT Research Institute, Iran


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