Benin Republic

Benin Republic has considered the importance of ICT in the economic and social development. As a result, the country plans to become the digital services platform of West Africa in order to accelerate social growth and incision. This ambitious objective initiated in 2016 numbered 6 key projects and 6 institutional reforms. As a matter of fact, Benin is one of the countries of ECOWAS which has clearly translated its ambitions into a strategic plan.

The country’s population is over 11 million, while the urban percentage is 44.39%, the number of mobile subscriptions is 86 for 100 citizens in Benin republic as at 2015, the GDP per capita is 2 168.22 PPP. In Benin Republic, 7% of the population uses the internet according to an ECOWAS report that was published in 2015, 3.5 % of households in Benin are connected to internet and the number of mobile operators in the country are 5, namely; MTN, MOOV, GLO, BBCOM, and LIBERCOM.

Flag of Benin

Capital: Porto-Novo

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