Cote d’Ivoire

COTE D’IVOIRE has more than 23 million people with 54.93% living in urban areas and 43% of adults in the country are literates. The country is one of the highest ranked in terms of digital maturity in ECOWAS for being the 2nd and the 3rd country respectively for the NRI and IDI indexes. The population of the country is 23.69 million, urban percentage is 54.93%, the number of mobile subscriptions is 199 for 100 citizens [2015], GDP per capita is [USD] 3 719.6 PPP. Literacy rate for adult is 43% [2015], 20% of the population [2015] are individuals using the internet and the literacy rate for youth is 50% of 15-24 years old [2015], 12.2% of households in the country are connected to internet.

Flag of Benin

Capital: Abidjan

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