The Gambia

THE GAMBIA is a small West African country, bounded by Senegal, with a narrow Atlantic coastline. Gambia counts more than 2 million of individuals. In Gambia, more than 56% of the population are literates and three quarters of the population are young.

The population of the country is 1.8 million, and the urban percentage is 60.22%. The number of mobile subscribers is 33 for 100 citizen [2015], GDP per capita [USD] 1,689.1 PPP, the literacy rate is 56 % f oradults [2015]. As of 2015, 17% of individuals use the internet in Gambia, the literacy rate for youth is 73% of 15-24 years old. 8.5 % of the household in the country are connected to internet, there are 4 mobile operators in the country; Africell; Gamtel, Comium ; Qcell.

Flag of Benin

Capital: Banjul

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