GHANA has more than 28 millions of individuals with more than three quarters who are literates and 54.68% living in urban zone. In Ecowas, Ghana shows a low level of internet penetration rate and a large challenge for ICT usage by adults, the inter connection with the other member states of ECOWAS represent a big challenge to be addressed as well.

The urban percentage in the country is 60.22%, the mobile subscription is 138 for 100 citizen, GDP per capita is [USD] 4 293.6 PPP, the literacy rate for adults is 56%, 17% of individuals use the internet, the literacy rate for youth is 73% of 15-24 years old [2015], 8.5% of households are connected to internet, and the number of mobile operators in the country are 3; MTN, VODAPHONE and TIGO.

Flag of Benin

Capital: Accra

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