LIBERIA is a WATRA member state with a population of 5,192,372. It uses the call code +231 and has the Liberia telecommunications authority (2007) as its regulatory body.

The main players in the telecom sector include two private GSM mobile network operators, Lonestar Cell (MTN) and Orange Liberia (formerly Cellcom). MTN had 983, 000 subscribers (2018) while Orange Liberia had over 1.6 million customers (2017)

The GDP per capita for the ICT sector of Liberia is lower than 1%. This can be blamed on the low literacy rate of the citizens. According to a 2015 UNESCO report, 81 out of 100 citizens had a mobile subscription. Despite this, only 6% of the population uses the internet with 2.5% having access from their household.

The failure of ICT usage is blamed on the lack of infrastructures and low coverage of the country (the fiber optic does not link all locations).

Flag of Benin

Capital: Monrovia

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