Sierra Leone

Sierra- leone has a young population with more than 60% who are literates. However, less than 50% of the total population are literates and almost 40% live in urban areas. The population of the country is 7.39 million, the urban migration percentage is 40.31%, the number of mobile subscribers is 90 for 100 citizens [2015], GDP per capita [USD]1 473.4ppp, the literacy rate for adults is 48% [2015], 3% of the population are individuals who use the internet, the literacy rate for youth is 67% of 15- 24 years old, number of mobile operators 3; Orange, Africell and Tigo.


The National Telecommunications Commission of Sierra Leone (NATCOMSL) is the telecom regulator in Sierra Leone. It was established in 2006 to regulate the Sierra Leone telecoms sector, protect consumer interest and ensure fair competition among service providers. NATCOMSL grants licenses and implements regulations to protect consumers and operators and promotes fair competition among telecommunications operations. The commission also works to ensure universal availability of efficient and cost-effective telecommunications services. Joseph C. Blell is the Chairman of  NATCOMSL.


Flag of Benin

Capital: Freetown

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