• To encourage the establishment of modern legal and regulatory structures for telecommunication service delivery in all States in the sub-region; and to encourage the separation of roles of policy-makers, regulator and licensed operator/service provider and the establishment of distinct, independent and adequately empowered National telecommunications regulatory agencies in the sub-region where such agencies have not been created;
  • To seek the development and harmonization of regulations for telecommunication service delivery and pricing in countries of the sub-region;
  • To promote the establishment and operation of efficient, adequate and cost effective telecommunication networks and services in the West African sub-region which meet the needs of customers while being economically sustainable;
  • To encourage increased liberalization and competition initiaties and to enhance efficiency in telecommunication service delivery in the sub-region;
  • To contribute to the development of policies to enhance universal access and telecommunication penetration in rural and under-served areas in the sub-region;
  • To facilitate the exchange of ideas, views and experiences among members on all aspect of regulation of the telecommunication sector;
  • To conceptualize and formulate for eventual recommendation to policy makers in the sub-region, an information and communication technology master-plan which will set policy objectives and milestones for the modernization of telecommunication infrastructures and service delivery in the sub-region;

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