WATRA was established in 2002 as a result of the need for a common platform for the telecommunications and ICT regulators in the West African region to exchange information, share best practices, and coordinate their actions. 

WATRA operates under the legal framework of the ECOWAS Treaty, the Supplementary Act on Telecommunications and ICT, the Protocol on the Establishment of WATRA, and the Constitution and Rules of Procedure of WATRA. WATRA is governed by the following organs:

  • The General Assembly: The supreme decision-making body of WATRA, composed of the heads of the national regulatory authorities of the member states.
  • The Executive Committee: The Executive body of WATRA, composed of the Chairman and two vice-chairmen elected by the General Assembly for a term of one year.
  • The Secretariat: The technical and operational body of WATRA, headed by the executive secretary appointed by the General Assembly for a term of three years.

WATRA plays a role in the regulation and development of the telecommunications and ICT sector in the West African region. WATRA performs the following main functions and roles:


Executive Committee Members

Mr. Amara Brewah - Director-General NatCA - Sierra Leone

Mr. Amara Brewah


[NatCA - Sierra Leone]

Dr. Cheikh Amadu Bamba

1st Vice Chairman

[ARN - Guinea Bissau]

M. Michael Yaovi DG ARCEP - Togo

Mr. Michel Yaovi GALLEY

2nd Vice Chairman

[ARCEP - Togo]