Executive Secretariat

The Executive Secretariat serves as WATRA’s administrative body, tasked with executing and implementing WATRA’s policy objectives and programs.

The Secretariat is the administrative organ of WATRA and is responsible for the execution and implementation of WATRA’s policy objectives and programs.

The secretariat obtains and circulates information that will facilitate the achievement of the objectives of WATRA as directed by the Conference of Regulators through the chairman. It provides administrative and technical support to all Committees of WATRA, prepares the annual budget of WATRA. It collects and accounts for the funds of WATRA and applies such funds according to the provisions of this Constitution or the directives of the Conference of Regulators.

The secretariat conducts research; collects and processes statistical data on all aspects of telecommunications policy and practice, and prepares position papers on such issues and development pertinent to the purpose of WATRA.

It provides overall logistical support and assistance to all WATRA institutions, all meetings of WATRA institutions and also organise and arrange for such meetings. They issue notices of meetings to members and other relevant parties.

The secretariat keeps record of the minute of meetings, prepares, receives and distributes meeting papers and all relevant materials. The notice of every WATRA meeting is signed by the Executive Secretary.


Executive Secretariat Management

Mr. Aliyu Yusuf Aboki

Mr. Aliyu Yusuf Aboki

Executive Secretary

Mr. Sele Pokima

Head of Administration & Finance

Mr. Ruffus Samuel

Principal Manager, Partnerships

Mr. Mohamed Kenneh - Senior Regulatory Advisor

Mr. Mohamed Kenneh

Senior Regulatory Advisor