What We Do

WATRA partners with regulators in 16 West African nations to develop policies that boost investment in telecom infrastructure, making communication services cheaper and more accessible, enhancing economic transactions, and improving public service access. This collaboration aims to advance economic and social development in the region.

WATRA works with regulatory authorities in the Member States to promote:

Working Groups

Infrastructure Development

WATRA supports and facilitates the deployment and expansion of telecommunications and ICT infrastructure in the region, to meet the growing demand and needs of the telecommunications and ICT sector in the region. WATRA also manages and allocates the radio spectrum and numbering resources in the region, and ensures that they are used efficiently and effectively.


WATRA protects and secures the telecommunications and ICT networks and users in the region, from the threats and risks of cyber attacks and cyber crimes. WATRA develops and implements the ECOWAS Regional Cybersecurity and Cybercrime Strategy, which covers areas such as the legal and institutional framework, the capacity building, the awareness raising, the cooperation and coordination, the prevention and response, etc.

ECOWAS Regional Roaming

Regional Roaming: WATRA facilitates and enhances the roaming of voice, SMS, and data services within the region, for the convenience and satisfaction of the consumers and operators. WATRA harmonizes and coordinates the regulatory and technical aspects of roaming in the region, such as the tariffs, the quality of service, the consumer protection, the fraud prevention, etc.

Capacity Building Programmes: WATRA organizes and hosts various events, such as the annual general meeting, the regional regulatory forum, the capacity building workshops, the public consultations, and the regional awards, to promote dialogue, knowledge sharing, and capacity building among the member states and other stakeholders in the telecommunications and ICT sector in the region. WATRA also produces and disseminates various publications, such as the reports, studies, guidelines, and newsletters, to provide information and education on the telecommunications and ICT sector in the region.