Ref: WATRA/RES/EC/2024/01/002

Vacancy: Executive Secretary – West Africa Telecommunications Regulators Assembly (WATRA)

Position: Executive Secretary

Location: Abuja, Nigeria

About WATRA:

Founded in 2002, WATRA stands as the cornerstone of collaboration among Telecommunications Regulators in the West African sub-region. Devoted to the advancement of telecommunications, WATRA collaborates with regional and international organizations to ensure the rapid development of telecommunications across the sub-region and ultimately in Africa. With a focus on establishing modern legal and regulatory structures, harmonizing regulations, and setting uniform standards for service and technical quality, WATRA is a driving force in shaping the future of telecommunications.


WATRA comprises esteemed members from regulatory bodies across the West African sub-region, fostering collaboration and regional development. Our esteemed members include: ARCEP-Benin, ARCEP-Burkina Faso, ARME-Cape Verde, ARTCI-Cote d’Ivoire, PURA, The Gambia, NCA-Ghana, ARN-Guinea Bissau, ARPT-Guinea, LTA-Liberia, AMRTP-Mali, AR-Mauritania, ARCEP-Niger, NCC-Nigeria, ARTP-Senegal, NATCA-Sierra Leone.


WATRA also partners international development organizations, private telecoms operators, governments, ICT equipment vendors and manufacturers, and other industry stakeholders.

Role Overview:

As the Executive Secretary of WATRA, you will hold a crucial position in steering the Secretariat towards the realization of its mission. This three-year mandate, subject to renewal, bestowed upon you by the Conference of Regulators, necessitates a strategic leader capable of overseeing daily operations, fostering collaboration, and representing WATRA in high-level forums. This role presents a distinctive opportunity to significantly contribute to the advancement of the telecommunications sector in West Africa.

Based in Abuja, Nigeria, the Executive Secretary will be entrusted with the day-to-day operations of the WATRA Secretariat. Reporting directly to the Executive Committee and the Conference of Regulators (CoR), the appointment spans an initial term of three (3) years, with the potential for one additional term of three (3) years under the same conditions.


Collaboration with the Executive Committee and regular engagement with members are integral aspects of this role. The compensation for this position is competitive, reflecting the significant responsibilities and expectations associated with the position.

Key Responsibilities

Specifically, the duties of the Executive Secretary shall include:

      • To provide overall logistical support to all WATRA Institutions
      • Implement the strategic plan as requested by the Conference of Regulators
      • Prepare plans and an annual budget of WATRA for the approval of the Conference of Regulators
      • Order the budget of WATRA and ensure its implementation
      • Prepare the annual financial reports of WATRA and ensure that the accounts are audited
      • Prepare the annual management activities report of WATRA
      • Ensure effective implementation of approved programs
      • Ensure optimal use of financial resources of the organization
      • Represent WATRA properly at international forums
      • Search for additional financial resources to revitalize the activities of the Assembly
      • Generate interest and attract the participation of telecom operators and other national and international institutions in order to strengthen the structure.
      • Develop with international or regional organizations cooperation programs in relevant areas of activities
      • To perform such other functions or duties as may be assigned to it in the Constitution or by the Conference of Regulators or by the Executive Committee, or which may become necessary for the more effective pursuit of the objectives of WATRA or the more efficient operation of the Secretariat
      • Engage the necessary reforms to restore confidence to current and future members and partners of the institution

Key Relationships

      • Heads of National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs): Collaborate with the heads of each NRA member to maintain effective communication, foster cooperation, and align efforts toward achieving WATRA’s mission.
      • Executive Committee: Maintain regular and productive communication with the Executive Committee, seeking their guidance, support, and endorsement of key initiatives and decisions.
      • Commissioner for Telecommunication and Information Technologies at ECOWAS Commission: Cultivate a strong working relationship with the Commissioner, engaging in strategic discussions, seeking support for WATRA’s objectives, and ensuring effective collaboration between WATRA and ECOWAS.
      • Secretariat Staff: Provide leadership and guidance to the Secretariat staff, promoting a collaborative and productive working environment, and ensuring their contributions align with WATRA’s mission and objectives.
      • External Stakeholders: Engage and foster relationships with external stakeholders such as donors, associate members, and international or regional organizations to explore cooperation programs, secure additional financial resources, and enhance WATRA’s influence and recognition.


Key Outcomes

      • Member Satisfaction: The Executive Secretary is responsible for fostering member satisfaction within WATRA. By effectively leading and implementing the organization’s strategic direction, the Executive Secretary ensures that WATRA members are content with the overall direction and initiatives of the organization. This includes delivering tangible benefits and value to members, supporting their national mandates, and addressing their specific needs and concerns.
      • Regional Recognition: The Executive Secretary plays a crucial role in establishing and enhancing WATRA’s regional recognition as a prominent and dynamic association of telecommunications regulators. By actively participating in international strategic forums, representing WATRA in a professional and influential manner, and engaging with key stakeholders, the Executive Secretary contributes to positioning WATRA as a respected and authoritative voice in the telecommunications industry within the region.
      • Efficient Secretariat Operations: The Executive Secretary oversees the effective and efficient functioning of the Secretariat, ensuring that all staff members contribute to the overall success of WATRA. By optimizing resource allocation, promoting collaboration, and implementing streamlined processes, the Executive Secretary fosters a productive and cohesive working environment within the Secretariat. This enables the Secretariat to operate smoothly, meet organizational objectives, and deliver high-quality services to WATRA members and stakeholders.
      • Financial Responsibility: The Executive Secretary demonstrates financial responsibility by executing the budget in accordance with the guidelines from the General Assembly. By ensuring the optimal use of resources, including financial, human, and technological assets, the Executive Secretary contributes to the financial stability and sustainability of WATRA. This includes overseeing the preparation of accurate and audited annual activities and financial reports, as well as approving expenses in alignment with the organization’s budgetary framework.
      • Collaborative Relationships: Building and maintaining key relationships with stakeholders is essential for the Executive Secretary. By developing and nurturing strong partnerships with heads of member national regulatory authorities (NRAs), the Executive Committee, the Commissioner for Telecommunication and Information Technologies at ECOWAS Commission, and other external stakeholders, the Executive Secretary fosters collaboration, cooperation, and information exchange. These relationships facilitate collective decision-making, alignment of objectives, and joint initiatives that contribute to the advancement of telecommunications regulation within the region.
      • Strategic Leadership: The Executive Secretary provides strategic leadership to WATRA, ensuring that its vision and mission are effectively implemented. By proactively suggesting and supporting initiatives that align with WATRA’s mission and objectives, while considering the organization’s budgetary constraints, the Executive Secretary promotes innovation, relevance, and impact. This strategic guidance contributes to the continuous improvement and development of WATRA, enabling it to adapt to evolving industry trends, technological advancements, and regulatory challenges.

Selection Criteria:

      1. Must be a citizen of member state of WATRA.
      2. A good University degree or equivalent with relevant work experience in Telecommunications/ICT sector.
      3. Masters degree or other relevant qualifications will be an added advantage.
      4. At least 10 years post-qualification experience.
      5. At least 5 years of relevant work experience in the telecom sector at senior management position with a Regulatory Agency, Telecoms Companies and other related institutions.
      6. High computer proficiency.
      7. Strong interpersonal, written, and oral communication skills.
      8. Fluency in English or French or Portuguese; knowledge of 2 or more an advantage.
      9. Ability to lead teams and drive organizational strengthening and international development.
      10. Age between 40-55 years at the time of application.
      11. Complete application process on time and in accordance with the requirements.

Submission of Candidacy Documents:

      1. A formal letter of submission addressed to the Chairman of WATRA Executive Committee. This letter must bear the signature of the individual authorized to represent the Agency or regulatory authority of the candidate’s member country.
      2. A sitting Executive Secretary seeking re-election must contain an authorization from the Chairman of the Executive Committee based on satisfactory performance
      3. Application letter personally signed by the candidate.
      4. Certified copy of the candidate’s certificates
      5. Legalized attestations justifying the candidate’s experience.
      6. Detailed, dated, and signed curriculum vitae of the candidate.
      7. A legalized copy of the national identity document or passport.

Application Submission Guidelines:

      1. All applications must reference the assigned recruitment notice number.
      2. Applicants are required to submit a recent curriculum vitae detailing qualifications, experience, and professional competence, accompanied by a motivation letter.
      3. Each member state is authorized to submit only one application file. Regulatory Authorities/Agencies of the applicant’s country of origin must vet and endorse the selected candidate before submitting the application file.
      4. Members of Regulatory Agencies/Authorities are responsible for transmitting application files to the WATRA Secretariat. The files can be submitted physically in a sealed envelope marked ” WATRA/RES/EC/2023/12/01 NOT TO BE OPENED” to:

The Chairman, WATRA Executive Committee

WATRA Secretariat

19B Bobo Street, Maitama

Abuja – Nigeria

Or electronically to the following addresses:

Mr. Saidou Pona Sankaré –

WATRA Secretariat –

Application Submission Deadline:

All National Regulatory Agency applications must reach the WATRA Secretariat by Tuesday, March 5, 2024.

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